Looking back in time. palm stones have been made and used in Asian and African countries to give strength,good fortune, and good health to their owners. They continue to be used for not only these purposes, but also in religious prayers and for remembering loved ones.

The product we customize for our clients is a wonderful memorial gift to hold and admire: Perfect as an add on to a memorial portrait purchase.

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The palm stone is also suitable for other occasions and uses. Prayer stones have been made for the Mother Teresa Center and church groups. Palm stones are also popular with photos of soldiers for the family at home. They make wonderful keepsakes for weddings, images of new born.

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Our Picture Palm Stone is a high quality ceramic that has a beautiful glaze which ensures that your ceramic photo will result in a memorable memorial gift. Losing a family member or a close friend is hard. 

Keep the precious memories of your loved one alive with our  Personalized Memorial  Stone, a perfect accent piece to commemorate someone’s life.
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It’s often difficult to say goodbye to a beloved pet. A furry companion so easily becomes a part of the family, and losing him or her can cause just as much grief as mourning the loss of a blood relative.

However, a pet memorial stone can give you a way to remember them with love. (INDOOR USE ONLY)


The palm stone stand that is included in each set has a hole at the bottom which is sealed with a removable rubber cap. The purpose of the space inside is to store something meaningful, such as a lock of hair, piece of fabric, note from someone special or some sand from the beach where you first met each other. This will enhance the connection with the image on the palm stone.


1 x Picture palm stone

1 x Wood beads wrist strap (NOT PICTURED)

1 x Velvet pouch with drawstring

1 x Microfiber cleaning cloth

1 x American walnut palm stone stand

1 x Gift box


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