How to choose a Photo


Why do you want to choose a photo from the Gallery? We all know that not all photos are created equal. Photos can be out of focus or the image quality can be too low. If you have a photo that you would like us to check, please upload it to us and will see if it meets the specifications.  

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Step One

 Measure the space where you plan to install your tile(s). Recommended units of measure (Width) cm & Length) cm

Example: 55cm x 80cm

Step Two:

Log into our Photo Library by clicking (CHOOSE PHOTO) the button at the below of this page.

Step Three:

Type in exactly what you are looking for in this case: Pictures of Vineyards
Scroll through the selection, then select your favorite photo.
After you click on it photo, you will need to locate the File#: this number will be located on the bottom of the photo.
Example :File# 
That’s it… Now just enter this File #  into your quote form and submit it to us .